Voice Lessons

Find Your Best Voice, Your True Voice
Each voice is unique, and training is given to help students identify, nurture and develop their unique voice, whether the student is headed toward the Met,
or The Voice.

Establish Healthy and Reliable Techniques
Professional voice training is provided for singers of all levels and musical styles.  A proven step by step training method helps singers establish and improve their vocal skills with regard to increasing range, flexibility, power, projection, tone, presentation, and artistic nuance. 

Understand the Voice, Understand YOUR Voice
Terminology is demistified, scientific data is clarified,  concepts are explained, and a proven step by step instructional method is given so that the singer can really 'get' how to practice, how to sing, how to listen, and how to move forward with their voice.
For more information, call at director Zoe Vandermeer at 917.838.1489 or studioofvocalarts@gmail.com.